Safeguarding report and risk assessment from individual machines to complete facilities

We are engaged with multiple clients – developing reports across their entire facilities. From batch process to production floor to warehousing, etc. The purpose of these report packages are uniquely different to each project; obtaining approval for use of CSIDs for lockout, responding to WorkSafeBC high risk manufacturing program directives and limiting OEM liability in provision of their equipment. The common purpose of these reports is to help each client provide a safer working environment for their employees. 

A properly executed safeguarding solution will result in increased production efficiency and stabilization.
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Machine safeguarding solutions from consulting to turnkey

Our design team is knowledgeable in a variety of safeguarding and safety control system technologies that are available on the market. UBSafe will consider your existing control system equipment when selecting safeguarding devices for your company’s processes and machinery. UBSafe is flexible and can work with the your company’s preferred resources or provide our own. Our goal is to design and implement safeguarding solutions that fit with your organization’s operations and comply with the relevant industry standards and regulations.



UBSafe often provides client-specific safety system training for operations and maintenance personnel, ensuring employees understand the purpose of the safety system, how to interact with it and know how to troubleshoot issues that may occur. Workplace safeguarding training sessions are available; Click below for more information