Experience in safety

UBSafe is dedicated to helping you achieve a culture of safety in your workplace. For many of our clients across BC and western Canada, UBSafe is the go-to provider for their safety needs. Our team specializes in:

  • Machine safety consulting
  • Creating quality and actionable safeguarding reports.
  • Designing, building and integrating safeguarding solutions.
  • Delivering courses and training on machine safety. 
  • And more…

Turnkey machine safeguarding solutions

Our design team is knowledgeable in a variety of safeguarding and safety control system technologies that are available on the market. UBSafe will consider your existing control system equipment when selecting safeguarding devices for your company’s processes and machinery. Our goal is to design and implement safeguarding solutions that fit with your organization’s operations and comply with the relevant industry standards and regulations.


Complete facility safeguarding reports

 We are engaged with multiple clients – developing reports across their entire facilities. From batch process to production floor to warehousing, etc. The purpose of these report packages are uniquely different to each project; obtaining approval for use of CSIDs for lockout, responding to WorkSafeBC high risk manufacturing program directives and limiting OEM liability in provision of their equipment. The common purpose of these reports is to help each client provide a safer working environment for their employees. 


Project gallery

Here are just a few of the recent safety system design projects UBSafe has completed by industry:

Wood Products

Wood Products.jpg

UBSafe are actively working with multiple sawmills and equipment vendors. We are performing assessments and creating safeguarding reports to help the wood products industry apply safeguarding to achieve higher degrees of safety and efficiency by reducing downtime related to operational maintenance activities (such as clearing jams and cleaning). We have developed a pilot project with the wood products industry and support them thru design, implementation and coordination on variances and approvals with WorkSafeBC. UBSafe have a standard design process and solution for Planer safeguarding and are developing solutions for other areas within the Sawmill and Veneer mill industries.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper.jpg

UBSafe have implemented a complete bale line safeguarding solution on Zellstoff Celgar’s bale lines 1 and 2.  These are the only safeguarded bale lines in North America at this point in time. We are also engaged with multiple pulp mills in assessing and remediation projects on their bale lines, bale presses, and pulp / paper machine equipment.  Though these projects are similar, each line is unique and different technology has been applied to satisfy each client’s requirements of their equipment.

Food Manufacturing - Tea Packing Machine Safety System Upgrade

UBSafe generated a safeguarding report from a risk assessment that took place at the client’s facility that outlined the requirements for a safeguarding solution for three tea-boxing machines. The safeguarding solution involved replacing existing safety hardware with more reliable hardware. The need to manually operate the machine with the front guard displaced was addressed by installing an enabling device that protects the worker performing the task.

The safety functions were handled on a new safety PLC separate from the process PLC which satisfied one of the requirements for a control reliable safety system (CSA Z432-04) and eliminated the need to modify process PLC code – saving installation time and potential downtime costs.

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Wheel Manufacturer

Automotive Manufacturing.jpg

UBSafe performed up front planning and assessment by leading the client’s risk assessment team and generating a safeguarding report.  On multiple systems, we have taken these reports through to design, implementation, training and safeguard system maintenance.

And more…

Do you have questions about machine safeguarding or workplace safety? UBSafe would like to hear from you.