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UBSafe modular workplace safeguarding training system

Learning the details contained in the applicable CSA standards and current protocols, recognized by the safeguarding community, will save your company time and money.

UBSafe has developed a system of seminars and training sessions to provide you with the most flexible and comprehensive way to learn about machine safeguarding standards and practices.

You can choose separate modules and learn about specific subjects that interest you, or enrol in the entire training system to get a complete overview of required guidelines, practices and regulations – and how to apply them in your particular environment.

Our courses have been reviewed by the board of Canadian registered safety professionals and are eligible for certification maintenance points (CM Points) 

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Risk assessment for machine safeguarding

8 hours

  • Introductory overview | 2D Risk Assessment
  • 3D Risk Assessment | Validated Risk Assessment
  • Lockout vs. Safeguarding | Control system performance criteria
  • Production activities vs. Maintenance activities

Lockout methodologies and documentation

8 hours

  • OHS requirements for lockout | Hazard identification
  • Single, multiple and group lockout labs | Multiple energy types & sources
  • Work on energized equipment | Procedure development

BC legislative requirements

2 hours

  • Safeguarding requirement of the OHS Regulation Review and explain sections 12.2, 12.3, 4.4, 10.3 and 10.10
  • Overlaps of safeguarding and lockout

Safeguarding Documentation

1 hours

  • Review validation documentation – a consultant’s report, a PESR and a cut sheet
  • Manufacturers’ documentation and certification

CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Equipment Overview

4 hours

  • Overview of each clause
  • Variations between 2016, 2004, and 1994 revisions

Clause 8 of CSA Z432-04

8 hours

  • Simple circuit design and wiring lab | Single channel circuit design and wiring lab | Single channel monitored circuit deign and wiring lab | Control reliability circuit design and wiring lab 
  • Use of non-safety rated devices | Mechanical interlocking Hydraulic and Pneumatic power interlocking

Clause 9 & 10 Z432-04

4 hours

  • Barrier guard basics | Light curtains and safe distance calculation | Safety Mats | Foot pedals and hold to run controls
  • Allowable distances by gap size | Positive actuating mode

Estop circuits

1 hour

  • NFPA 79 / 2007 | ISO 13850

CSA Z142 – Safeguarding of Power Presses Overview

8 hours  (if clause 8, 9, 10 and Z432 overview courses taken as prerequisite)

  • Code for power press operation, health and safety | Overview of each clause | Variations between 2004 and 1994 revisions

CSA Z434

8 hours  (if clause 8, 9, 10 and Z432 overview courses taken as prerequisite)

  • Industrial robots and robot systems, general safety requirements